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France ➾ ✧Francis Bonnefoy✧
17 September 2020 @ 06:40 pm
How's my driving?

Have any compliments or critique on the way that I'm playing Francis? Leave any and all comments here! Constructive criticism is encouraged, as long as it is just that: constructive. IP logging is off and anonymous commenting is on. Anonymous comments are set to be screened.

Thank you!
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France ➾ ✧Francis Bonnefoy✧
18 December 2009 @ 03:53 pm
I have begun to notice more and more of these bundles of plants around with their little white berries, and, oui, if I am correct... they are the mistletoe that both Norway and Sweden once attempted to explain the history behind to me.

Certainly, I would not have forgotten a tradition as wonderful as obligating two individuals to partake in the lovely art of kisses. Je suis très excited!

This can only end wonderfully for me~.
France ➾ ✧Francis Bonnefoy✧
04 December 2009 @ 11:26 am
I have come to understand that there are a myriad things I should be on the lookout for. That is, it seems to me that there are more worries here than I had previously thought (and more worries, perhaps, than I have ever dealt with at one time -- ah, but we will not think of that!).

Oui, yes, well. I certainly do not intend to fall victim to Prussia, sans se soucier of what I believe were intended to be threats. La Prusse est impitoyable, mais il est également non mûr. I certainly hope that I have nothing to worry about, and I fully intend to behave as such.
France ➾ ✧Francis Bonnefoy✧
It seems there is an awful lot of activity today. So many new strangers that I have yet to meet and bestow upon my love~ ♥

But, ah, where shall I begin?

Perhaps I could sneak some extra love in whilst everyone is distracted?
France ➾ ✧Francis Bonnefoy✧
13 November 2009 @ 06:34 pm
[A crackling sound is heard, followed by a soft and amused little 'oh!' and the transmission begins.]

This is most intéressant. I was just about to complete my e-mail on the subject of our bosses' love for one another to l'Angleterre and now I have arrived here? I most certainly do not recall falling asleep, though I suppose that is not a new development. Ah, c'est la vie. [An elaborate sigh is heard, then a yawn.] I feel remarkably drowsy.

I suppose it is necessary to make note that I do not know where I am, at present. [His voice drops even lower, and he adds the next line under his breath.] I can hear that detestable accent now, [He attempts to mimic an English accent, though it is obviously not meant to flatter.] 'That is what you get for following so many strangers home, frog.'. [He laughs to himself then, most amused by his quip, though the laugh falls flat.]

I am going to need a room in which to stay. J'ai besoin d'une salle...

[His voice seems to pick up again, and his grin can be heard in his voice.]

That cannot be too difficult! Where there is a lovely woman for me, there is a room for me.

I must begin my search. Commençons !

[Some gleeful laughter is heard, then the transmission cuts out with a final crackle and the haze of fear should set in the hearts of millions.]
France ➾ ✧Francis Bonnefoy✧
05 November 2009 @ 03:50 pm
Francis Bonnefoy's Conseil D'amour

Welcome to the mailbox for Francis Bonnefoy's lovely love advice column!

Are you depressed? Are you a sufferer of amour non récompensé? Is there a certain special someone to whom you have given your devoted affection that you do not think knows you exist? Well, that is why I am here to help you! I, the lovely and ever-charming nation of France, invite you to request my most knowledgeable aide in the complicated matters of the heart! You may write a letter to me anonymously and I will gift you with le meilleur advice for you and your potential loved one. Each letter will be read in earnest, and chosen letters will be published anonymously in the newspaper, accompanied by my expertise française.

Do not be shy! I am only here to help; love is my specialty. ✩

[ ooc: Essentially, your character can write an anonymous (or not, if they choose not to, just tell me in the subject line) letter to Francis about their love woes or questions about love (or sex, or France), and leave them in a comment on this entry in his journal. Specific ones will be chosen and replied to, and published in the newspaper by the mods (or so we have attempted to arrange!). Francis gotta get paid, and no one wants to see him take off his clothes. Trust me. Love advice > naked pole-dancing Francis. ]